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Aug 21 ... More remixes in the pipeline

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

A quick update ..... I've left Facebook .... did this for a number of reasons .... mainly because I just can't compete with everyone & everything else on there and its really bad for your Mental well-being. Facebook also make it harder and harder to promote a page ... so time to go.

So - if you want to keep up to date with my releases (that's all I have at the moment) then I'll be updating this blog each month.

I'm keeping my SoundCloud and YouTube pages active, and that's it.

This month i'm shaping up another remix ..... HardDrive's - "Deep Inside". For anyone who doesn't know, the vocals are taken from the amazing Barbara Tucker's "Beautiful People" (the Middle 8 section) . There have been many remixes of this track over the years, my favourite being the Heavy Weather Remix by Italian producer Visnadi (John Digweed put it on his Journeys by DJ mix) and its the deepness and darkness that I find hypnotizing. My remix is in this vein, but hopefully a more up-to-date deep-tech groove, with the odd FX Stab here and the even smoother riser or sweep there.

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